STHLM Xperience Conference

Welcome to this year's STHLM Xperience Conference. A participatory conference with lectures, practical tips, and workshops. Speakers on stage are experts in their field. You will hear from a Language Consultant, the 'IT Woman of the Year 2015', a Business Developer Manager, a UX Writer, a Digital Designer and many more. And our keynote speaker Katarina Gospic with an M.D., Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Physiology. You don't want to miss this line-up!  

Design for the Future We Want

Design has a huge impact on people’s lives and the environment. A product or a service can make it or break it very quickly. But what products and services last in the long run? What we design today can have a lasting impact on the world and that means that we need to design for a sustainable future.

One part starts with the basic knowledge of our own brain. We need to begin with the understanding of how our brain works, and how it is designed for a time and a lifestyle that we no longer live in. How does digital interfaces, products and services help us in our daily lives and can we combine these with design for a sustainable world?  

This year's keynote speaker will be talking about how we as humans are going to last in a stressful environment and at the same time be able to perform at top.

Date: 14 November 2019 (World Usability Day)
Location: Operaterrassen, Karl XII:s torg, Stockholm  
Time: Doors open at 8:00, conference starts at 9:00

Keynote speaker

Katarina Gospic
Director of Neuroscience at Spinview Global

From Caveman to Avatar

The technical development is going in a rapid pace but we have the same brain today as forty thousand years ago. How do we lead people through constant change and prepare them for the future? During this lecture Dr Gospic teaches you where in the brain you find the motivation button, which button to avoid and what the future holds.

Katarina Gospic

Katarina Gospic is an M.D., Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Physiology from the Karolinska Institute. She has 15 years of experience in brain research and neuroeconomics. Dr. Gospic is an entrepreneur and 2018 she started as the Director of Neuroscience at the VR/AR company Spinview Global to work with ehealth and prop tech. She has several years of experience lecturing, both within and outside academia, and has an ability to make difficult things easy to understand and implement abstract research into actions that boost health, performance and wellbeing. Dr. Gospic is the author of six books and a frequent guest in media.


Andrea Rognan
Content Designer at NTB Arkitekst

Conversational Design – Talk With Your Users

We are supposed to talk more with our machines. Chatbots and smart assistants promise human conversations that make everyday life even easier. They are intended to be intuitive, delightful, and efficient. Many are not. Conversational design is a new design discipline, but the basics of it are not revolutionary. It covers how we work with language and content in all interfaces, including chatbots and smart assistants. Andrea base the principles of conversational design on plain language, user experience design, and sociolinguistics. Some of the principles are simple. Be upfront about the limits of technology and manage your users' expectations. Handle errors in a constructive and empathetic way. Utilize personality to create delight and maintain trust. Andrea have also been allowed to test these out – and faced how new technology can create both great opportunities and serious pitfalls for communication.

Andrea Rognan

Andrea Rognan is a content designer and language consultant at NTB Arkitekst. The past few years, she has developed content in conversational user interfaces for both governmental institutions and private companies in Norway. Her background is from copywriting and science communication. She has a masters in modern rhetoric. There, she studied conversation analysis and sociolinguistics. This is something she has included in her work with conversational interfaces – in search of a more human way of communicating through machines.

Olof Norin
Co-founder at ImagineCare

Sleeping is Cool!

Are you sleeping enough? According to statistics, the answer is probably no. Therefore, you are probably already suffering from the negative effects of to little sleep. In his speech, Dr Olof Norin will summarize why and how we sleep - and how sleep can increase creativity, productivity and happiness while simultaneously  reducing your risk for chronic disease. 

Olof Norin

Olof Norin MD/PhD is a Swedish physician, researcher and entrepeneur on a mission to prevent you from having to visit him in the clinic. His clinical background include prevention and management of common mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and burnout. Besides from his clinical work and research projects, he has also founded ImagineCare to bring home monitoring and increased freedom for persons with chronic disease.

Malin Misaghi & Alfred Guirguis
Business Manager and Development Consultant at Claremont

Dead Fish Follow the Stream

Why human abilities - creativity, collaboration and courage - is becoming increasingly important in times of accelerating change. A courageous talk reflecting on how easy it is to go with the flow - like dead fish - and how our human skills play an important role in creating a bright future. If you like scientific facts, circle diagrams or flawless English - this is not the talk to priorotize.

Malin Misaghi & Alfred Guirguis

Malin Misaghi - Business manager & Senior design consultant engaged in the era of digitization and accelerating change - devoted to creating human value, developing business opportunities and analyzing the future.

Alfred Guirguis - business development consultant, works with a holistic perspective, where market change, business structures, and human beeings colide. Alfred has worked in many industries and various businesses driving development. His own drive comes from the desire to create value for individual humans and society as a whole.

Unn Swanström
UX Designer at Doberman

Are We There Yet?

In this talk Swanström takes us on a roadtrip through innovations of the past that have put us on the trajectory to the future. Where are we going? Who's driving? And what will we see along the way? Start your engines, the future awaits!

Unn Swanström

During the day Swanström works at Doberman, an international experience design firm based in Stockholm and New York. 

At night she transforms into a glitter clad, horseback-riding, ballet-dancing human-shaped being. Fighting boredom one cat picture/design meet up/adventure at the time. Unn is co-organiser of Designers in Stockholm meet-up. Loves her cat, Arnold.

She won the award 'IT Woman of the Year 2015' for her never-ending pursuit to make the tech industry more inclusive and fun.

Ulrika Dettner Larsson
Design Management Team Lead at SEB

From Chaotic to Organized Design

Why do all pages look different? What colours should we use? Haven’t anyone already built this? This was us two years ago. It was especially challenging in an organisation with a large group of designers and developers working in different locations. By implementing a common design system with design resources down to implemented components, the situation drastically changed for the better. Let me talk you through the journey of building a design library.

Ulrika Dettner Larsson

Ulrika leads the design management team at SEB, and is the product owner for SEB’s component library. She started out as a programmer but quickly realised that was not her true game. She has a degree in graphic design but more importantly, has worked as a devoted interaction designer for many years. Her true calling though is structure. And chocolate cake. Always chocolate cake.

Frida Morberg
Head of UX at Conversionista


Historically CRO and UX haven't always been the best of friends. The reason for that is somewhat unclear (depending on who you are asking) but the consequences are not only affecting our day-to-day work - it affects both business value and user experience of our services every day. The purpose of this talk is to address why UX and CRO need each other and how we should work together to create unified experiences regardless of what our business card says.

Frida Morberg

Frida is a data-driven UX Designer and researcher that has embraced the quantitative side of UX in her work. Changing behavior and creating experiences that has true value for the user and the business has always been a focus for Frida. As Head of UX at Conversionista, Sweden's leading CRO company, she redefines what it truly means to work data-driven in design.

Martin Christensen
UX Coach and Mentor at Claremont

Building the Right Thing in the Right Way

Most companies focus on refining their process for delivering services and products with high quality in a short amount of time. But, if what gets delivered doesn’t solve an actual problem, neither time or quality matters. And, if this requires the company to put in long hours to mend the situation, this is not sustainable neither for the business nor for the workers. It is simply a colossal waste. This talk aims to give you one universal canvas for building the right thing and one universal canvas for working in a sustainable way. The first is called Discovery and the latter Modern Agile.

Martin Christensen

Martin has been helping people using and building services and products through well-founded UX design and collaborative Agile coaching since 2001. His goal is to always create something that is better than the current state – better for the coworkers, for the business and for the users. Today, Martin is a coach and mentor at Claremont Xperience Design.

Jane Ruffino
Co-founder and Content Design Lead at Character

Words as Design: Writing Our Way to a Better Future

When we use language in products and services, we express our values, both what we’ve inherited and what we intend to act on. Words can help people feel like something is made just for them, and they can marginalize others as ‘edge cases’. That’s why UX writing isn’t just the latest fad, it’s essential to the things we make today, and the world they contribute to. Language is one of the oldest and simplest interfaces, but making it simple for users is a lot more collaborative and complex than it often seems. And as interface design expands into areas like voice and chat, it’s never been more urgent to put thoughtful language into the core of design processes. This talk will show you how to use a content style guide and conversational principles to help make inclusivity part of usability, and design the language of a better future for all.

Jane Ruffino

Jane Ruffino is a Stockholm-based content designer and UX writer. She is co-founder of content design consultancy, Character, which helps organizations in Europe and North America to use language to shape products and services. Jane is also an archaeologist, researching issues around digital data and the heritage of the future, and is a doctoral candidate at Södertörns Högskola.

Kea Zhang & Joakim Bording
UX Lead and Digital Designer at Teston

What do You (Really) Think?

The wording of a question affects the answer you get. When doing interviews, user testing, and surveys (or even if you’re just asking a colleague for advice), you should carefully consider the words you use. At Teston, we’ve seen thousands of good and bad questions. Kea and Joakim show how leading questions can cause problems and how to avoid them.

Kea Zhang & Joakim Bording

Kea Zhang – Product manager and UX lead at Teston, where she’s leading the team, managing product priorities, and putting out fires on a daily basis. Her background is in UX, HCI and Psychology, and her experience ranges from agency work, to startups and the corporate world. She’s truly passionate about product process, organising meetups, and tea. 

Joakim Bording – Digital designer in Behalf and co-founder of Teston. Joakim spends his days helping startups and established companies to innovate through design. He has a Master’s in interaction design from the University of Oslo and has worked with the web since 2005.

Kathrin Wolf
Senior Manager Digital Analytics at adidas

What are your Consumers Telling you?

A fast changing digital landscape requires a business to respond quickly on changing consumer needs. One way we listen closer to our consumer at adidas, is our Voice of the Consumer program for the digital journey. Four years in, we gathered a lot of learnings and success stories on how to use this feedback in a systematic way to create insights that can be used by our business to drive change.

Kathrin Wolf

Kathrin has been working with data all her professional life and enjoys bringing the Consumer Voice to life in her current role at adidas. Working with qualitative analytics allows Kathrin to embed consumer insights across the business, and together with her colleagues, ensure that the Consumer is at the heart of every decision. 

When not enjoying data, you can find her in a boulder gym or exploring her adopted hometown of Amsterdam. 

Workshop facilitators

Olof Norin

Habits for Highly Productive People

In this workshop, Dr Olof Norin will share his best life hacks and leadings from the clinic. The workshop will include a Q&A session were you get the opportunity to ”Ask the Doctor”. Together we will start building your new habits for increased productivity and a healthy mind. The focus will be on core principles such as:

-Structuring your day to achieve a good night of sleep
-How to avoiding multikoncentration to increase creativity and learning
-Emptying the working memory to increase productivity and mental health
-Saying no and finding the essentials to free up time for building new habits

Workshop room: SALONGER 60min

Andrea Rognan

Get Hands on with Conversational Design

Do you really need a persona for your chatbot? Why are all the voice assistants female? Can a machine be polite? What happens to our language when we talk versus when we write? What is the right tone in a conversation between a human and a robot? In this workshop, you will get an introduction to the basic principles of conversational design, and you will get to try them out through discussions and simple writing exercises.

Workshop room: REDARESALEN 60min

Martin Christensen

Together For the Future

Few tough challenges in the past have been overcome by lone heroes - this only makes a great Hollywood narrative. Real success requires a team effort, which means that one skill that is absolutely necessary for the trials ahead is collaboration. Dare to join this mind-challenging workshop and walk away with the key to the future.

Workshop room: REDARESALEN 40min

More Speakers and Workshop facilitators will be Announced!


Caroline Ravn

Caroline Ravn is one of few female magicians in the world. She has received several medals in magic competitions, both in Sweden and in Scandinavia. She was awarded ‘Most Inspiring Person of the Year’. Her show has sold out in theaters from Stockholm to New York. She takes on the audience with charm, magic and humor. 

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Need a place to stay?

If you need to travel to Stockholm and find accommodation we have been doing some research for you. This year STHLM Xperience Conference has a deal with Hobo Hotel.

“A city center hub. Hobo is a boutique hotel in Brunkebergstorg in central Stockholm – but it’s far more than just a hotel. Hobo is our idea of community. A place where we live, work, create, learn and have fun together."

Read more about the offer from Hobo Hotel.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at Operaterrassen. Operaterrassen is located at Karl XII:s torg, only a few minutes from the subway or tram.


Contact us at if you have any questions or feedback about the event. See you at the conference!

Veronica Wallström

Tommy Marshall

We hope to see you on November 14th.

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