Human-Centered AI

In order to celebrate World Usability Day we have used this years theme - Human-Centred AI. 

Over the last two decades computers have enhanced human’s abilities to perform our work, ensure our safety, and even lighten our workload. Interest continues to increase in AI’s capabilities to improve human performance. However, there is an accompanying fear that humans will lose control of the technology they create.

During the day we will explore the past and the present of AI. How is it being used? How could, and maybe should, we use it? Where do we see the strongest potential within UX and design. For example, how is the music industry using AI? Within the field of art, are there new ways to be creative? We will also talk about bias within AI, not just the technology but also in the perspective of where it comes from and whom is working with it. 

Join us at STHLM Xperience Conference and together we will discuss Human-Centered AI while learning from each other how to use it in the right way. It is a participatory conference with lectures, practical tips, and workshops. Speakers on stage are experts in their field. 

Date: 12 November 2020 (World Usability Day)
: Online  
: 14.00–17.00 (GMT +1)

For me? 
If you are a Visual designer, Service Designer, UX Designer or someone interested in the area (e.g. manager or developer) we know that you will learn something new that you can bring back to work. 

Call for speakers

Are you one of our speakers? Suggest yourself or someone else. Areas we would love to cover are: UX writing, accessibility, visual design, design trends, inclusive design, service design, ways of working, sustainable design and innovation. Or something that we haven't thought of yet! Each speech will be 15 minutes long. 

Send us an email to get in touch:

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Contact us at if you have any questions or feedback about the event. See you at the conference!

Tommy Marshall

Veronica Wallström

We hope to see you on November 12th.