Welcome to this year's STHLM Xperience Conference!

SXC is a yearly participatory hybrid conference with lectures, practical tips, and workshops. Speakers on stage are experts in their fields.

In order to celebrate World Usability Day, we follow the theme that they set, and this year's theme is Designing for a Better World.

Is SXC for me?

  • Yes, if you are a Visual Designer, Product designer, UI designer, Service Designer, UX Designer or lead a team of designers
  • Definitely, if you are interested in the UX area like PO, manager or developer)
  • Absolutely, if you lead an organisation or is a manager for a product team
  • Totally, if you are a design student and want to make impactful conenctions

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Theme 2024: Designing for a better world

There is tremendous potential in our world, and the key to unlocking it lies within each one of us. As creators of our environment, we craft technical solutions for use in our homes, schools, and workplaces, and we construct cities and communities that nurture the young and support the elderly. Let's together create a better, more inclusive, and environmentally conscious world!

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Keynote speakers

Jesse Showalter, Senior Product Designer and Founder @GFC
Designing for positive behavioural change: Cultivating mental well-being and kindness through design

This talk will examine the intersection of design, mental health, and kindness, highlighting the importance of intentional design interventions in shaping individual behaviors and societal attitudes. Through real-world examples and practical insights, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how design can be leveraged as a tool for promoting personal well-being and fostering a culture of kindness in our communities.

About the speaker:

From Texas to Stockholm, Senior Product Designer and Creative Director Jesse Showalter—known for his charisma, over 16 years of design experience, nearly 400k subscribers on his design education YouTube channel, and multiple Adobe Behance live streams—joins us as a keynote speaker this year. Jesse is committed to leveraging design as a catalyst for positive behavioural change and is dedicated to creating digital experiences that resonate with users and elevate brand identities. 

Dr. Setor Zilevu, Senior UX Researcher @Meta
Designing AI with Humanity in Mind

In this talk Setor will explore the integration of human-centric methodologies in AI development, focusing on understanding and predicting human behavior to create more intuitive and effective AI interactions. Will highlight the crucial role of transparency and education in AI development, emphasizing the need to empower users with clear insights into how AI systems operate, make decisions, and utilize data. This transparency fosters trust and enables informed user interactions with AI technologies. Examine the necessity for AI systems to be scalable and capable of evolving over time, underscoring the importance of designing systems that can grow and adapt to technological advances and changing societal expectations. Advocate for increased collaboration among UX designers, AI researchers, engineers, product managers, and end-users in the AI development process, emphasizing that interdisciplinary input leads to more comprehensive and human-focused AI solutions.

About the speaker:

Dr. Setor Zilevu is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Meta on the Generative A.I. team, where he is one of the lead researchers for Meta AI. Dr. Zilevu was previously a professor at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering and lead researcher at Google. He has nearly a decade of experience in Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. He has a wealth of experience in developing innovative solutions to improve user experiences ranging from healthcare, education, social media, and retail. His dedication to merging UX and AI together to improve how we research, design, and develop assistive technology earned him recognition as a 2022 Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review. Through his work on developing assistive interfaces for the world's first cyber-human system for stroke survivors and developing a framework for empowering humans through UX and Al, Dr. Zilevu has demonstrated his ability to seamlessly merge the fields of UX and AI.


Cecilia Steen, Service Designer @SEB  & Chris Lindgren, UX for Kids @Freelance
Don't leave the kids behind!

In a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised, children are often excluded due to the lack of appropriate digital services. In this talk we will share lessons learned from the child-centered design process of SEB Neo - a financial service for children and their guardians. You will get a sneak peak into the production, research insights, and our effort in democratising financial literacy. 

About speakers:

Cecilia Rahlgård-Steen is a Service Designer at SEB, with great knowledge and experience within strategic research in the field of exploration and innovation. 

Chris Lindgren has been a consulting expert in kids’ UX at SEB. She currently works as a Senior Play Designer at Toca Boca. As a board member of the Designing for Children's Rights association Chris advocates ethical, inclusive design for kids.

Jorge Alonso, Product Designer @BBVA via Nateevo
Building bridges: Creating common grounds between expert design and “fuzzy” design

This talk will explore how the production process has revolutionised design and transformed the role of designers. Jorge will discuss the evolution of design, the emotional journey of designers, and the importance of empowering minorities and fostering community through innovative solutions. Real-life examples will illustrate how designers have made impactful changes in their local environments. The session will conclude with reflections on the broader impact of design, emphasising the importance of a thorough design process over the final result.

About the speaker:

With nearly 8 years as a UX/Service Designer, Jorge has spent the past 2.5 years working with BBVA Holding as a consultant at Nateevo, in Spain. As a psychologist, he believes in living the experiences he designs to align business strategies with user needs through evidence-based research. Viewing design as a reflection of society, he focuses on facilitating meaningful interactions between people and objects. Committed to the idea that “the process is more important than the result,” he prioritizes a thorough design process to explore and solve problems effectively.

Sanni Nyström, Product Designer @SJ via Cartina
Improving the digital experience for travellers affected by a traffic disruption

How hard can it be to present information about the train traffic? To inform travellers if their train is on time or delayed? It turns out that it is not easy peasy. At least not if you want to align the information in different channels. In this talk, you will hear Sanni share how SJ (a Swedish railway company for passenger traffic owned by the Swedish state) improved the experience of receiving and acting on information about delays in train traffic, all to make it better for travellers. A story of working towards the sweet spot of user needs, business value, and feasibility in product development.

About the speaker

Sanni Nyström is a product designer who has a passion for design and problem-solving, especially in close collaboration with cross-functional teams. Apart from working with design Sanni, likes to co-organise meet-ups with Femmes in UX, and ski down mountains covered in powder.

Zoe Bockasten, Product Design Lead @Nordnet Bank
Making time for innovation

The concept of innovation has taken over popular culture the past 15 years, each time promising a massive shift in how we live our lives. How do we take this term that has become so abstract and bring it into our daily design work? This talk will explore what innovation means to our personal development, to the growth of your design team, and to the products we build. Most of all, how do we carve out time for this important work alongside all the other urgent tasks at our door.

About the speaker:

For the past 10 years, Zoe has been tinkering with product design in fintech, gaming, and B2B spaces. Starting out her design journey at Canada's top startup incubator, the DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University, she made her way to the Stockholm design community in 2017. The design field is often the one organisations turn to when looking for innovation, whether tackling systematic change or bringing moments of delight to customers, and in each role her team was tasked with just this, and now she's bringing these stories to the SXC stage.

Stephanie Kruse, Freelance UX Designer @reThink Product
How to bring sustainability into every one of your projects

Do you want to make your work more sustainable? This talk explores the ecological, social, and economic aspects of sustainability in UX design. We'll examine the impact of UX design on these areas in real-world tech projects and how to integrate sustainability into our work.


  • Understand the interplay between sustainability and UX design in real-world projects.
  • Learn how to enhance existing tools and methods to incorporate sustainability.
  • Gain insights from practical examples of sustainable UX design.
  • Access a resource library with practical tools and methods for applying sustainable UX.

About the speaker: 

Stefanie is a Hamburg-based UX designer with 10+ years of experience in tech. She combines her background in business and computer science with a passion for great user experiences. Today, helps impact startups and sustainable brands create accessible and sustainable user experiences. With her work as a designer and speaker, she advocates for responsible digital products.

Workshop facilitators

Moa Bogren & Jens Wedin @Studio Manfred
Critical Design from Theory to Practice

The more dependent we get on technology, and the more impact design and product decisions have on our everyday life, the more important it gets that we have methods to calculate and explore future risks with these decisions. Because it impacts us not only as individuals but as a society and our planet.

About facilitators:

Moa Bogren has over ten years of experience working with product and tech in roles such as Customer and user Research, UX and Data in a wide variety of different fields and organisations. 

Jens Wedin has 24 years of experience in design, research, and leadership. Jens is the co-founder and CEO of Studio Manfred and co-founded State of Design and Design Leadership Community in Sweden.

Burcu Arsoy, Design Lead @Electrolux & Vaida Pakulyte, UX Lead @Technigo
Decision Making Unravelled

Sources suggest that the average person makes 35,000 choices per day. Some of them we make without thinking, and some are more complex that require mental processes. So how often do we reflect on how we make decisions, individually or in a group? How well do we know our preferences, and how effectively do we communicate those? We'll try out different tools to foster easier and better decision making both in our personal and professional lives.

More speakers and workshop facilitators will be announced!

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Digital moderator

Richard Lilja, Senior Designer and Frontend Developer @Zington

Richard is a Senior Designer and Frontend Developer who’s passionate about where humans and technology intersect. He's curious about all things design and a champion of user-centered design and research. Richard enjoys mentoring junior designers, helping them find their paths and feel at home in our awesome design community. He believes in swapping rigid rules and one-size-fits-all solutions for a flexible toolkit and an open mind.

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