Call for speakers

Below you can find some examples of what we are looking for

  • In your opinion, what is important for designers in the future?
  • What do we have to consider and what is expected for future products and services?
  • Are you already designing for the future? How and why?
  • How will we consume products and services in the future?
  • In the year 2030, how will our consumption look like?
  • How do we consume entertainment in the year 2030?
  • What problems do you solve for customers/users while considering design for a sustainable future?
  • What tools/methods do you use for better innovation and teamwork?
  • Practical experience in the execution of building a project that failed.
  • How has innovation accelerated your organization?
  • How do you include sustainability while building new products and services?

The slots are from 15 to 20 minutes. We want practical experience in every talk. Every speech must strive to inspire and create the prerequisites that are needed to design for the future that we want.  Deliver experience and tools to empower the community that can be used directly in their every day work. All talks are expected to be presented in English. Suggest yourself or someone else. We would like the agenda for the speech before September 25th sent to

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