Keynote speaker


Kalle Ström
Ethnologist (phd candidate), Stockholm University

The everyday life of AI

History shows us that with technological development comes changes – some more radical than others - in peoples everyday lives. Even though it’s still early on, we see the development of AI affecting peoples behavior in various ways – the use of Google Maps or talking to Siri for example. But how people are coping with AI and understanding it, isn’t always as predictable or intuitive as one may think. A seemingly really great AI service is depended on people’s perceptions, values and especially trust. In other words, the aspect of culture is crucial here. In this lecture Kalle Ström will talk about how people interact with AI services of today and what the consequences are for how we live our lives and think about ourselves.

Kalle Ström

Kalle Ström is a doctoral candidate in Ethnology at Stockholm University. As an ethnologist, he is especially interested in peoples everyday lives, where a lot of “meaning” happens that we aren’t really aware of. KalleStröm has also a background in organizational development, media and sports on elite level.

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