The digital experience of SXC2024!

We know that everyone has busy lifes, so please feel free to enjoy the conference digitally at your own pace. Together we will create a fantastic experience for everyone both physically and digitally. 

"I joined the conference in 2023, and the digital experience was seamless. I loved that they had subtitles during the presentations, and it was easy to interact with others who joined digitally." 

Camilla Romander, UX designer @ IVC Evidensia
Digital participant at SXC2023

What to expect as a digital participants

Digital moderator and meet and greet
    There will be a digital moderator to guide the flow of the conference and give bonus content and interviews during the day. There will be digital meetups and activities to give a chance for get to get to know colleagues from all around the world.
Professional production
    We use a professional camera and audio team with an multicamera set-up to get the best quality stream. There also will be live subtitles, to make sure the stream is accessible for everyone.
Recorded content
    Missed something? Recordings of all the talks will also become available after the conferenc, so if you want to re-listen or have missed something you can watch the talks after.
Digital workshops
    We will have 3 digital workshops during the day, Some of the physical workshops will be held digitally at a later date.
Experience digital conferences
    A digital conference with experience: The team behind STHLM Xperience conference works with a Digital Conference first approach and have been arranging SXC digitally for the last 4 years.

Digital Moderator

Richard Lilja, Senior Designer and Frontend Developer @Zington

Richard is a Senior Designer and Frontend Developer who’s passionate about where humans and technology intersect. He's curious about all things design and a champion of user-centered design and research. Richard enjoys mentoring junior designers, helping them find their paths and feel at home in our awesome design community. He believes in swapping rigid rules and one-size-fits-all solutions for a flexible toolkit and an open mind.

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"I'm excited to bring my curiosity and abstract thinking to the Digital Conference Experience. My goal is to make you feel like you are at the physical conference while you are at home, and to ask questions that spark new and fun perspectives. And hey, I’ve never shared the wrong screen in a Teams meeting 😄."

Richard Lilja, digital moderator