Kathleen Asjes
Research & Insights leader @ Stippen

WORKSHOP: UX therapy

Ever feel lonely at work, even though you are surrounded by your colleagues?Would you love to talk to someone who truly understands your struggles?

Do you long to connect deeply with others who face similar challenges?Join this workshop for some UX therapy!You will gain a new perspective on the challenges you are facing in your day to day work, helping you to see things in a new light.

Every participant brings their own challenge, which they can discuss with others through a peer-sparring method, under guidance of your workshop host Kathleen. You will get to experience first hand how valuable it is to hear the perspective from someone who is not your colleague, friend or partner. To talk with someone you do not know (yet), but does have relevant experience and ideas to share. 

You will leave the workshop with loads of energy, fresh ideas and new connections with UX professionals (discussing our challenges and growing together 🌱).

Kathleen Asjes

Kathleen is an independent research consultant and coach, passionate about empowering growth for people and businesses. She enjoys building research capacity from scratch and has spent these last 15 years leading teams of researchers, designers and product managers on their journey towards working insight-informed. She is also the founder of a new peer-to-peer coaching initiative for research leaders, called Grow & Connect.

After growing up in a tiny village in the Netherlands it was time to explore the world. Kathleen has lived in South Korea, Australia, Sweden and is currently residing in France. Outside work, she enjoys rowing on the Seine, running after her three gremlins and probably should be spending more time trying to learn French.

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Melinda Dahlgren & Alessandra Hygrell
UX research @ SEB

WORKSHOP: Opportunity based research


Have you ever designed a solution without knowing what customer problem you're solving? In this workshop, we’ll look at research through the Opportunity Solution Tree framework and how you can work with hypotheses to generate solutions that will create both business and customer value. Too often we see solutions created out of thin air, not anchored in customer insights. The Opportunity Solution Tree framework can guide you and your team through the different "levels" of research and help map the opportunities before deciding what to build.

Melinda Dahlgren & Alessandra Hygrell

Melinda and Alessandra are UX researchers at SEBs digital sales and service team. Melinda has worked with qualitative research methods to digitalize and improve digital products and services. Alessandra has worked with combining qualitative and quantitative data to improve the digital customer experience.

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More workshop facilitators will be announced!

We hope to see you on November 9th.