Designing for a better world

We, humans, are the creators of our own environment: we craft technical solutions for use in our homes, schools, and workplaces, and we construct cities and communities that nurture the young and support the elderly.

True, but what can I as an individual do that has such a great impact for a better world? I am just one person? Well, we believe, the key to unlocking the potential of the world lies within each one of us. 

The theme of “Designing for a Better World” is demonstrated in many ways such as architects and urban planners creating accessible public spaces, companies focusing on eco-friendly packaging, software developers prioritizing inclusive digital design, community engagement platforms enhancing civic participation, sustainable transportation solutions prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, educational materials designed for inclusivity, and green architecture emphasizing energy efficiency and occupant well-being. These efforts contribute to a more accessible and environmentally conscious world. – World Usability Day, WUD.

We at SXC chose this so very big and important topic for this year's conference so that we can gather our collective talents and focus on how we can improve everyday life across various sectors like education, workplaces, and through technology that fosters sustainable living for people with diverse needs. By reflecting on what we are already doing well that adds value, we can draw inspiration to continue our work towards a more accessible and environmentally conscious world.

Our conference honors WUD, which is celebrated on the 2nd Thursday in November every year, which is the 14th of November 2024. Read more about the WUD organization’s interpretation of the theme.

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