COVID plan for the physical conference

Last updated 29th of September

SXC2021 will be a hybrid conference with a physical and digital venue. The government has announced that Stage 4 now is in effect. We will follow all recommendations that the government sets for events. 

The following policies apply:

  • All participants have to prove that they are fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test result (no older than 48 hours). 
  • We will help each other to avoid crowding 
  • Hand sanitizers will be distributed in the venue

More restrictions and guidelines can be added at a later date. 

We are actively following all updates, our main concern is your safety and we will plan to make sure that you will be safe during the conference. We have based our plan on the 5 Stages that the government has set for how the remaining COVID restrictions will be phased out. Today Sweden is on Stage 4 where there are no limited restrictions on events.

Sweden needs to stay in at least Stage 4 for the physical conference to proceed. 

Actions depending on the different Stages set by the government:
Stage 3 or less:
The physical conference tickets will be converted to digital tickets, if you have paid more than the digital ticket you will get a refund on the difference.
Stage 4 - in progress:
We will have some limitations/rules for how to act to make sure that we all are safe. We will inform you closer what this means. 
Stage 5:
All restrictions are removed, and we will have minimal limitations on the conference.

Read more on the government's homepage about the different Stages (Opened in a new tab).

Contact us at if you have any questions.